Bhavadhaarini Anantaraman

Karpagam Sangeetha Vidyalayam

Karpagam Sangitha Vidyalaya was humbly begun in 1978 by Thurreya santhanam and Mrs. Nalini Anantaraman in memory of their mother and guru Vidushi Smt.C.N.Kalpakam.

C.N.Kalpakam was born on 1st April 1923 as the daughter of Sriman Narayanaswami Iyer and Smt.Alamelu Ammal. Smt.Alamelu Ammal was a Diploma holder in Carnatic Music and has served as Music teacher at Sarada Vidyalaya School, T.Nagar.

C.N.Kalpakam learnt Veena from Sriman Andhra Veerayya and Gejjanaballi Subbalakshmi Ammal( Bobbili Asthaana Vidushi). C.N.Kalpakam had her schooling in Ooty and was married to Shri. Santhanam Iyer in Chennai. Shri. Santhanam Iyer served as the Secretary of Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai for many years.


After her marriage she took eagerness to teaching Vocal and Veena and also joined Sri Sarada Vidyalaya T,Nagar, Chennai to teach Veena and Mathematics. She served for more than 40 years and established as a versatile teacher for a vast student community.Award for the best performing student in Music” has been instituted at Sri Sarada Vidyalaya School, T.Nagar and every year a chosen student is presented Cash Award. Smt. C.N.Kalpakam attained the lotus feet of the Lord on 8th July 1988.

Karpagam Sangitha Vidyalayam branched in Anna nagar , Chennai , Puttaparthi & Bristol UK now continues to serve the students and has begun bringing up many promising artists. The main aim of the Vidyalayam is to coach not only for Competitions, Individual and Group Performances but also sufficiently on Carnatic Music theory and to equip students with degrees and diplomas. Many Workshops, Seminars and Group Discussions are scheduled to benefit the students.

Those who are not able to travel locally are given classes over Skype for a moderate fee.

Thuriya Santhanam, Mrs Nalini Anantaraman, Sriram Parasaran, Bhuvaneshwari, and Smt Bhavadhaarini are the faculty members for the various categories and branches.