Bhavadhaarini Anantaraman

Online Classes

Smt Bhavadhaarini Anantaraman has been teaching kids simple songs via Youtube “VIKKU TV GURUKULAM” this is to facilitate super simple learning for one and all.

Why Online Classes?

In the changing times of today there has been a definite revolution in the way Carnatic Music is taught. We’ve passed the times of “Gurukulam” or “In-person” classes with the Guru.

Many of those who are genuinely interested in Music have migrated to various parts of the world and are trying their best to give their children the best of skills and Indian art forms. There is also a very challenging environment for the kids to learn this art form wherever they live whether in USA, Japan, Canada, Singapore or Australia or anywhere in the world. Also owing to the increase in population and traffic many even in India are unable to attend in-person classes and find it hard to keep up the commitment to classes. Indians are definite pioneers in the field of computers and almost everything is now available online.

Teaching music via “online Classes” was tough a few years back when the student and Guru both did not have a very good broad-band connection. Now, We have 4G internet connection and excellent communication technology that using Skype or any such internet tool has been a day-to-day exercise for most of us. The clarity of voice is crystal clear as if we are talking to the next door neighbor.

How does Online Classes Work?

Students are trained in all levels (even from Basics) by Smt Bhavadhaarini.

For students with the desire to learn Carnatic Music to proficiency level need personalized coaching from the Guru. Such interested students are given lesson slots for 40 minutes every week by Smt Bhavadhaarini by Online classes.

Students are given notations, mp3 and even video support wherever required and literally spoon-fed in their training process. Students practice and assess their performance in accordance with the parameters like Sruti, Laya, Bhavam, Swaram, and Gamakam and email their practice sessions to the Guru. She mentions corrections and emails the students back.

By this way of Assesment, Recording, Practice, Note-charts and Feedback, We not only enhance the student’s knowledge curve but also efficiently improve their performance skills.

Who All Can Learn Online?

Many students who have been learning online are either kids from the age group of 5 to 15, or College graduates, Home-makers, Those who left their learning half-way because of various reasons and re-begin, Professionals who learn music so that they de-stress and enjoy their leisure time. So, It is never late to learn Music.

If you are keen about Online classes email us at , we can schedule your classes and also hone your skills.